Nancy Overmyer – Gooseberry Lane Gourd Art, Jewelry

Nancy Overmyer – Gourd Art, Jewelry

Nancy Overmyer is a consignee artist and does not have store hours.

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Nancy J Overmyer’s gourd art is inspired by the shapes and colors of nature which surround her private country studio. The gourd sometimes called nature’s pottery comes in many shapes and sizes, and gives her an abundance of blank forms to experiment with and try new creative techniques.


Letting some of the gourds natural patterns and colors peek through continues to be part of her design process. By using leather dyes and different inks she introduces colors that complement the tones of the raw gourd. Gold leaf embellishments have crept into her designs in the last few years and gives the finished gourd a deep rich quality. All of her designs are original, free hand drawn and then imbedded into the gourd with a wood burning tool. Interesting accents from nature and fun upcycled pieces often create a unique finish to her gourd art.

When she’s not working on a whole gourd Overmyer loves experimenting with the shards cut from gourds not up to her art standards or pieces left over from a project. These shards are the base for all her art jewelry. Upcycled pieces such as buttons, vintage jewelry, zippers, keys etc. often find their way into her jewelry lines. Finding embellishments that compliment this natural background is the fun part and Overmyer has yet to run out of ideas.