Mission Statement

The members of Prairie PastTimes have a passion for the quality and process of making things with their hands.  They can take a block of  wood, a sheet of glass, a piece of cold steel, an old lump of clay, a  single musical note, a scene on the prairie, a piece of thread, a piece of cloth, and turn it in to something to behold, touch, look at, enjoy, listen to, use, evoke emotion, and wear.  The amount of energy, thought, work, and skill honed over time that goes into each piece represents the artist’s love of life and their place, the Flint Hills.   The process they follow is slow, more reminiscent of past times.

In our mass-produced world, you can buck the trends and take home a  unique work of beauty, connected to a wonderful place and designed by a  real person with a creative heart and skilled, caring hands.  It will be something you can love and treasure as its maker did – something
reminiscent of past times.