Wade Coester – Spring Creek Creations

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Spring Creek Creations   Wood & Leather by Wade

Unique handcrafted originals from the Flint Hills of Kansas


The process starts when I find a tree – often damaged or washed out on a field along the river. The log is sawn into lumber, seasoned and finally brought into the workshop to begin the transformation to its ultimate destination. Since I have such an intimate relationship with the wood, I try to utilize the different grains, colors and patterns to best complement the piece and highlight the wood.

The trees – like the people of the Flint Hills – have a character all their own. The climate and soil conditions that provide the rich grasses also influence the trees that grow here giving them color and texture like none other. I like to polish the end result with a hand rubbed oil finish to bring out the grain and give the surface a “soft” feel. Pieces intended for contact with food receive a professional butcher block finish.

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