Lyle Kohlmeier – wood turning

Lyle is a consignment artist and does not have store hours

Wood turning from Locally Harvested Wood


I am originally from Linn, Kansas, located in Washington County. My wife, Lori and I moved to Chase County in 1982. Lori is originally from Agenda, Kansas. We both came from farm families and value the quality of life tied to the rural areas of Kansas. We have three sons, Ryan, Justin and Jeff. All are married, living successful lives of their own, and have blessed us with nine grandchildren. We have lived in a number of towns in Kansas during my career with the USDA Soil Conservation Service/Natural Resource Conservation Service. I retired from there in 201 and since then have started to try to refine my wood working.

While both of my grandfathers were farmers, one had a part time blacksmith shop and the other was a locally known carpenter and wood worker. In addition, Lori’s father spent hours rebuilding and repairing antique clocks.

My interest in woodworking began with seeing my grandfather make various things out of wood. We still have a children’s rocker that he made. My grandchildren still use it today. We have several items in the house that Lori’s father made, including a rocking horse made from “re-purposed” wood. I initially started making toys and other items for my family, especially our kids and grand-kids. Most of what I make is a “one of a kind”, in that I make one and then move on to another idea. Unless, it is something I am making to give to several of the grand-kids. I can’t make something for just one of them! I enjoy putting a chunk of wood on the lather and making the wood chips fly. I often don’t have a “finished” idea in mind when I start. I like to shape up the block and then see what comes to mind. Sometimes you don’t know what you will see inside a piece of local walnut or oak. I have often been surprised by the complex grain or pattern in a piece of black locust or even cottonwood. I also enjoy having friends or family come up with ideas and ask “Can you do this?” I don’t know for sure, but I will try.

Well, I better bet back to making wood chips. . .

kohlmeier truck


Kohlmeir cup