Jeanne Hatcher – Recycled Ranch Art


The recycling ranch gals consist of Grandma Jeanne, granddaughters Alexus (alias Boots) and Hadi Hatcher who live on Fox Creek Ranch located north of Strong City, Kansas. Grandma Jeanne lives with husband Bill and Boots and Hadi with mom and dad, Angela and Matt.



Making crafts for the threesome has been a part of their time together for many years, but a more sophisticated attempt in the last couple of years became “necessary” as the granddaughters needed to make money to help pay entry fees for their rodeo events; that is according to their Mom and Dad.

hatcher wreath

Both households seem to hold on to things (pack rats) such as old cowboy/ cowgirl boots, used lariat ropes and deer antler sheds found on the ranch.  Grandma Jeanne had believed someday that her stash of boots and deer antlers should be used for silk flower arrangements and candelabras, respectively. The granddaughters had collected used lariats from roping, and together we found small rusty rounds of barb wire hanging here on there on fence posts from either building fences or repairing them. So with all these “finds” why not recycle them into “western fashion decor”?


Well that “someday” came and Boots and Hadi cleaned and colored the boots, washed the lariats, gathered barb wire and attached candle cups to the sheds and picked out silk flowers (thus the sparkly ones) for Grandma  to arrange. Besides the silks, we decided to use some natural materials in our arrangements which consist of big blue, little blue and Indian grasses; cat tails, broom weed, gay feather and wheat, etc. Working and critiquing our products became a learning experience as well as an exciting time but the question is, who is going to buy????  After two craft shows and some success, we decided we might like to try a more permanent location.

hatcher rope wreath


So here we are at the “ Prairie PasTimes” cooperative hoping some lucky shopper might need a corner, a door or a table that needs brightening with our “recycled ranch decor”. Boots and Hadi help pay for the materials, and as Grandpa said; “Grandma Jeanne’s work is a labor of love”. Grandma says: ”labor, no; therapy, yes”.

Grandma Jeanne, Boots and Hadi Hatcher


thatcher sunflower boot

thatcher candle holders

hatcher barbed wire wreath