Tracey Graham – Boyzenbunny Fiber Arts

Tracey is a consignment artist and does not have store hours.

boyzenbunny colorHand Knit "Night Burn" Hat by BoyzenBunny Fiber Arts at Prairie PastTimes

BoyzenBunny Fiber Arts specializes in items handknit from alpaca and other premium fibers. Sole operator Tracey Graham has been spinning since 2005, knitting since the turn of the century, and fondling fibers since she was a very little girl.

10-16-traceyI love to knit. I rarely ever just sit still without my hands busy. I like to work with alpaca in particular, because it’s so soft and lovely, yet it is as warm and cozy as wool.
The one thing I enjoy even more than knitting is spinning. The process of turning loose fiber into yarn never fails to fascinate me.

Tracey yellow woven shawl

Where did I get my business name? It all started with a nearly 23 years ago. The cute little lavender-colored fellow in my logo was under the Christmas tree in 1989, with a tag saying his name was “Boysenberry”. In the years since, he has accompanied my husband and me on our travels, gone for rides on less-than-thrilled dogs, snuggled up with kitties, and waltzed around the room to the tunes of Lyle Lovett. He was the first of what would become a 100+ rabbit collection.

Tracey pink alpaca shawl

I donate 25% of the sales price of any of my items made from handspun yarns to Heifer International. Their programs operate worldwide to help people to become self-sufficient and less dependent on charity to meet their basic survival needs. <>

I also enjoy knitting up soft squeezy bunnies to be given away to brand new babies as part of the “Read To Your Bunny” project in Emporia, KS. <>

Tracey alpaca scarves

The vast majority of my work is done with Alpaca fiber. Alpaca is softer than wool and lighter weight, but every bit as warm. It’s a joy to work with and makes absolutely beautiful products. For more info about the superior qualities of alpaca fibers, I recommend this website: <>