Susan Knight-Painting on Feather and Leather

Susan is a consignee artist and does not have store hours.
I love living in the beautiful Flint Hills where nature abounds.  One of my favorite past times is going out to a family member’s pasture and woodlands and just being in nature.  I can walk around for hours out there and enjoy seeing a deer, coyote, box turtle or turkey.  It’s even enjoyable to sit and watch the hawks and other birds in the sky…and I love taking the back road to get home!
As a child I loved drawing and painting with one of the dime store children’s watercolor sets.  My parents always loved my pictures and encouraged me to continue.  I also had a fifth grade teacher who told me to never give up my art and that stuck in my mind as I grew older.  I married after high school and we soon had a family and art moved to the bottom of my priorities.  After the children were in school I found I had extra time and chose to try oil painting.  At the time I thought a canvas was the only thing one could paint on and I practiced on still life and landscapes.  Friends and family were soon encouraging me to spread my wings and try selling my artwork. Wow!  I sold a few and started painting in earnest.  I even tried painting on other surfaces…, buildings, saws, etc.  I soon decided that was much more fun.  A few years ago I saw a feather that had been painted, and thought “I could do that!”  After about a year of practice and much trial and error I decided to try painting with acrylics and quickly decided that was the way to paint feathers.  I mainly use turkey feathers, and I paint the animals and birds I love so much.  It gives me much pleasure to find that other people enjoy and buy my wildlife feathers because they love nature and wildlife as much as I do!