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To give a better understanding of my art I want to share a little bit about myself.

I’ve been bicycling all my life, but bought my first quality bike when I was fifteen. Soon I discovered that gravel grinding was my favorite. Luckily, I live in Emporia, Kansas where Dirty Kanza 200 is held. I am a huge supporter and have ridden it since 2011.

Bicycling is much more than just riding, it is a form of relaxation and freedom that you will not find with anything other than a self-propelled vehicle. I love being out on my bike in the middle of nothing and thinking about everything. This brings me to the art.

In the middle of nothing you can’t help but realize the beauty in everything and realize how much we throw away and ignore once it’s used up. So why not take something we love and what most people would consider used up, repurpose it, and make it beautiful once again?

I love taking parts that have been broken during awesome adventures allowing people to keep them, place them on display, and tell the stories that they will always hold.

~Luke Allen

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Luke Allen display

Luke Allen – Bicycle Artist

Luke Allen is a consignee artist and does not have store hours

Luke offers a 10% discount to:

Military Personnel (Active or Retired)

Fire Department Personnel

Law Enforcement Personnel

EMT Personnel