Joshua and Carol Englehaupt – Painting

Carol Englehaupt is an artist-writer-caregiver for her son, Joshua. She has held a encil since the age of four, drawing recognizable portrits by the time she was ten. She works in watercolor, acrylic, pastels, ink and whatever medium catches her eye. She’s dabbled in pottery and likes to make tiles. Her preferred subject matter is people and dogs. She has three series of paintings right now. She has a Dust Catcher series, which puts little knick knacks into holiday or seasonal settings. A Gentle Man series which features the gentile side of men with their children, and a Rubber Ducky series which satisfies her lover of dogs.

Joshua Englehaupt is physically disabled and was non-verbal until he turned 35. A tobii-dynavox eye-gaze computer gives him the ability to speak. Because he is physically impaired, we had to get creative. His first paintbrush was a scredriver handle with a brush glued into it. He began painting flowers using watercolors. Then he discovered acrylics. His subject matter determines what the paint does and what he sees in it. Watching him emerge as an artist has been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever witnessed.