Bernie Dette – Embroidery

Bernard Dette

I was born on my Grandparents farm just outside of Brinktown, Maries County, Missouri on January 28, 1937. I lived in Rolla, Missouri for my grade school days, attending St. Patricks grade School. As a sophomore I moved to Wichita, Kansas in 1952. I attended St. Mary’s Cathedral Catholic High School graduating in 1955 and going on to attend Wichita University. I graduated from WSU in 1967 with a degree in Business and Music Education.

I have always had an intense interest in any kind of creative idea that could be developed. I have always had the theory that I may not be an expert in anything, but I can discuss almost any subject with anyone.

I started doing and collecting Native American crafts in high school and still do today. I have been directing a Roman Catholic Choir for 25 years, and love classical music. I built my own dune buggy, and still have it! I still so as much as I can on our two vehicles for mechanical repair. I studied Engineering design using Catia Cad/cam, and love to design just about anything that crosses my path that is interesting to visualize.

The last paragraph brings me to my interest in what I do for Prairie PastTimes. My wife and I discussed the idea of buying an embroidery machine. We purchased a Brother 4000D, and started to work. I set the machine up for use and told her: there it is! With all of the digitized info that you have to have to operate it, she told me it was too complicated – so I inherited the use of the machine. I digitize all of the embroidery that I do, and enjoy the technical aspect of what I do. It is very similar to the cad work that I do in Catia.

I hope that you will like the art that I am showing here at Prairie PastTimes. I do the towels with the barbed wire on them.