Nothing More Beautiful

eric burn1st

The artists at our little co-op go to great lengths to make their masterpieces.  Today we’re looking at one of our photographers, Eric Dyck, and the way he finds the beauty on the prairie.  The above photo is one of Eric as he photographed a prairie burn just a few months ago.

Eric has been known for his compositions of the Chase County Courthouse, and for his hours-long timelapse of the solar eclipse.  He uses natural talent mixed with a touch of Photoshop to bring his pictures from photography to art.

Eric began taking photographs just a few years ago, starting with documenting his trips to Mexico and family reunions.  It’s only recently that he joined Prairie PastTimes in the hopes that others would appreciate his view of the world.  He always seems to know exactly how to catch the perfect shot of the beauty in our state.  There really is nothing more beautiful than that which nature creates.

2016 Bison Mother and Calf, Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Chase County, KS 2015

Come in today to see some of Eric’s work!  You can take it home in full-sized form, framed (in hand-made frames Eric also made!) or in notecards.  If you want to see more of what he can do, visit him at