A Fantastic 4th of July

Now that summer has truly started, barbeques, parties, family reunions, river rafting, camping, and other exciting activities have begun to take over our lives.  The best one (at least we think) is the 4th of July!  Fireworks, family, friends, good food and drinks, and a celebration of our country.  What could be better?

judy bison glass

Well…We at Prairie PastTimes don’t think we can best a good 4th of July celebration, but we do have items in the store that could make it a bit more festive!

With family possibly spending the night, why don’t you freshen up your room with a red, white and blue quilt made by Margie Dyck?

Margie's star spangled quilt

Or some Kansas-themed hand towels in your bathrooms?  Made by the amazing Bernie Dette?


If you’re more focused on being outside, what’s a better way to make your wine selection available to your guests than a hanging wine rack?  This one was made by our own Dave Edwards at Persimmon Forge!

2016-06-26 12.38.18.jpg

And for the more subtle among us, there’s some fantastic jewelry!  Gabi Dyck, with Gamer Girl Jewelry, is always making new an interesting pieces.  A lot of them are holiday-themed!


So, while we won’t be open on Monday July 4, 2016, we do hope you stop in for some amazing decorations and holiday spirit any time before that (Tuesdays-Sundays, 11-5)!

Raise your glasses and May Freedom Ring!