Wet Wednesday

On a day when the weather disagrees with you, it’s hard to get up and get going, sometimes.  But there’s nothing better to chase away the rainy-day-blues than to head out to a place that is just as much a museum of art as it is a store!  We at Prairie PastTimes are all artists, and we love having the medium to show you our talent, as well as see it go home with someone who appreciates it.  So come on down, today!  We opened at 11, and we’re here until 5!

Today, one of our most talented ladies is commanding the register!  Judy Dodson does some of our amazing stained glass work, and she loves to talk about her techniques as she shows you the sparkling pieces in the windows.


Judy’s bluebird (below) has been featured on our Mother’s Day posts and on our Facebook page quite a lot, recently!  You can see just from the movement in the piece how much love and dedication she’s put into her craft.



Judy calls her pieces “Glass Post Cards” because they are usually smaller than your average stained glass piece, and give a unique insight to the beauty of the prairie.  She has also begun studying a new technique called “copper foil overlay” and it’s creating quite the new level to her art!

Stop in today to ask her more about her technique and her inspiration (or click on her name, above, to see her artist page!).  She’ll be there until 5 and she would love to tell you all about the beauty of the prairie, even on a wet Wednesday!